Accommodations Within the Park

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, 1918

 Accommodations Within the Park

CRATER LAKE LODGE: This attractive hotel constructed mainly of gray stone stands in the pines directly on the southeastern rim overlooking the lake, 1,000 feet above the water. It contains sixty-four rooms and affords comfortable accommodations and good service. It has ample bathing facilities and fire protection. Around the large open fireplace in its lobby visitors each evening recount their day’s experiences, and anglers unreel their tales of the fish they caught, and of the fish that got away.

Tents are provided, on request, for those who prefer them, meals being taken at The Lodge. There are many inviting spots on flower dotted meadows around the lodge, where beneath the pines on shaded slopes are snowbanks, with bright snow-flowers peeping through their melting edges.

ANNA SPRING CAMP: At the park headquarters, at Anna Spring, five miles south of Crater Lake Lodge, a good camp is maintained. The spring gushes from the mountainside at the head of Anna Creek. There is a general store here (with branch at The Lodge) where necessary supplies are obtainable. | Medford road, and rises above the shore of the Klamath Falls road.

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