Unusual Fishing; Motorboats and Rowboats

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, 1918

 Unusual Fishing; Motorboats and Rowboats

The cold and crystal-clear water of Crater Lake originally contained no fish of any kind except a species of small crawfish.

In 1888, Mr. William G. Steel, now U. S. Commissioner for the Park, was the first to stock the waters with trout, but no fish were seen in the lake for twelve years; then a few were taken, one measuring 30 inches. Since then trout of the gamiest have been caught in ever-increasing numbers; preferably by flycasting from vantage points along the shore, and also by trolling with ‘spoon from rowboats. Fish weighing five and ten pounds are frequently caught.

In Crater Lake, five fish per person a day, and in all other waters in the park twenty fish per person, is the limit. There is good fishing in Anna Creek below Dewie Falls, as well as in neighboring streams. The fishing season is from July 1st to September 30th, unless otherwise ordered by the Superintendent of the Park. No license is required.

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