Unusual Fishing

General Information Regarding Crater lake National Park, Season of 1917

Unusual Fishing.

This magnificent body of cold, fresh water originally contained no fish of any kind. A small crustacean was found in its waters in large numbers, the suggestion, no doubt, upon which was founded the Indian legend of the gigantic crawfish which formed the bodyguard of the great god Llao.

In 1888 Will G. Steel brought troutlings from a ranch 40 miles away, but no fish were seen in the lake for more than a dozen years. Then a few were taken, one of which was fully 30 inches long.

Since then trout have been taken in ever-increasing numbers. They are best caught by fly casting from the shore. Anglers of experience in western fishing testify that, pound for pound, the rainbow trout taken in the cold, deep waters of the Crater Lake are the hardest fighting trout of all.

In Crater Lake 5 fish per person per day, and in all other waters 20 fish per person per day, constitute a day’s catch. In all waters of the park the fishing season is from July 1 to September 30 unless otherwise ordered by the supervisor.