Magazine Articles

General Information Regarding Crater lake National Park, Season of 1917


Magazine Articles.


Contains “National parks, the need of the future,” by James Bryce: Address on a bureau of national parks, by W. H. Taft; Address on a bureau of national parks, by Walter L. Fisher; “Are national parks worth while?” by J. H. McFarland.

AMERICAN JOURNAL OF SCIENCE, 4th s., vol. 3 (March, 1897), pp. 165-172. Crater Lake, Oregon, by J. S. Diller.

AMERICAN NATURALIST, Vol. 22 (November, 1888), pp. 996-1005. Sketches of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon, by E. D. Cope.

ANNALS OF THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF POLITICAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCE, Vol. 35, (March, 1910), pp. 1-12. The parks and recreation facilities in the United States, by John Nolen.

_____ vol. 35 (March, 1910), pp. 15-24. Our national parks and reservations, by W. E. Curtis.

APPALACHIA, vol. 12 (July, 1911), pp. 213-226. A western mountaineering summer, by E. W. Harnden.

ATLANTIC MONTHLY, vol. 81 (January, 1883), pp. 15-28. The wild parks and reservations of the West, by John Muir.

COAST, vol. 8 (July, 1904), pp. 29-30. Crater Lake, by R. V. Grubbe.

COUNTRY LIFE, vol. 23 (January, 1913), pp. 33-36. Touring in our national parks, by E. A. Mills.

FORESTRY AND IRRIGATION, vol. 9 (May, 1903), pp. 236-240. Crater Lake National Park, by J. M. Baltimore.

GOOD ROADS AND CYCLIST (October, 1896). Awheel to Crater Lake, by E. M. Wilbur.

HARPER’S WEEKLY, vol. 40 (Sept. 19, 1896), p. 932. Crater Lake, by G. W. Kirkman.

_____ vol. 41 (June 5, 1897), pp. 563-567. The national parks and forest reservations, by John Muir.

INDEPENDENT, vol. 49 (Feb. 25, 1897), p. 240. Crater Lake, Oregon, by G. F. Wright.

INLAND EDUCATOR, vol. 4 (June, 1897), p. 209. Crater Lake, by B. W. Evermann.

JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHY, vol. 11 (June, 1913), pp. 322-324. Mount Mazama and Crater Lake, by L. Martin.

JOURNAL OF GEOLOGY, vol. 13 (September, 1914), pp. 9-12. Crater Lake, by J. F. Chamberlain.

JOURNAL OF SCHOOL GEOGRAPHY, vol. 1 (November, 1877), pp. 266-269. Crater Lake, Oregon, by J. S. Diller.

LITERARY DIGEST, vol. 46 (June 7, 1913), p. 1303. Western mountain and national parks.

MAZAMA, vol. 1 (1897), pp. 139-150. Description of Crater Lake, by E. M. Wilbur.

______ vol. 1 (1897), pp. 150-161. The discovery and early history of Crater Lake, by M. W. Gorman.

______ vol. 1 (1897), pp. 161-170. The geology of Crater Lake, by J. S. Diller.

______ vol. 1. (1897), pp. 170-203. The August vegetation of Mount Mazama, Oregon, by F. V. Coville.

______ vol. 1 (1897), pp. 204-230. The mammals of Mount Mazama, Oregon, by C. R. Merriam.

______ vol. 1 (1897), pp. 230-238. U. S. Fish Commission investigations at Crater Lake, by B. W. Evermann.

MAZAMA, vol. 1 (1897), pp. 239-242. The Mazamas’ Outing of 1896, by C. H. Sholes.

MOTOR AGE, vol. 25 (Apr. 9, 1914), pp. 1-10. Uncle Sam—his parks, by C. G. Sinsabaugh.

______ vol. 25 (Apr. 9, 1914), pp. 10-12. How to get to the national parks, by John P. Dods.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE, vol. 8 (February, 1897), pp. 33-48. Crater Lake, Oregon, by J. S. Diller.

______ vol. 23 (June, 1912), pp. 531-579. Our national parks, by L. F. Schineckebier.

NATURE, vol. 57 (Feb. 17, 1898), pp. 375-376. Crater Lake, Oregon

OREGON NATIVE SON, vol 1 (July, 1899), pp. 135-137. Legend of Crater Lake, by M. B. Kerr.

OUT WEST, vol. 17 (August, 1902), pp. 173-187. The story of Crater Lake, Oregon, by H . W. Fairbanks.

OUTDOOR WORLD AND RECREATION, vol. 49 (July, 1913), pp. 22-26. Vacation jaunts to Uncle Sam’s playgrounds, by Arthur Chapman.

OUTING, vol. 31 (December, 1897), pp. 257-260. A pilgrimage to Crater Lake, Oregon, by S. G. Bayne.

_____ vol. 11 (December, 1873), pp. 548-554. Klamath Land, by Samuel H. Clarke.

OUTLOOK, vol. 95 (May 28, 1910), pp. 157-169. Scenery as a national asset, by Allen Chamberlain.

_____ vol. 100 (Feb. 3, 1912), p. 246. A national park service.

_____ vol. 102 (Dec. 14, 1912), pp. 811-815. National parks, the need of the future, by James Bryce.

OVERLAND MONTHLY, 2d a., vol. 1 (March, 1883), pp. 295-301. Mountaineering in Oregon, by F. F. Victor.

Contains a short account of a trip to Crater Lake.

_____ 2d s., vol. 41 (May, 1903), pp. 334-348. Crater Lake National Park, by Nora Batchelor.

_____ 2d s., vol. 60 (October, 1912), pp. 393-398. Klamath and Crater lakes, by R. W. Neighbor.

PACIFIC MONTHLY, vol. 6 (October, 1901), pp. 187-189. Oregon’s majestic Crater Lake, by D. H. Stovall.

_____ vol. 6 (October, 1901), pp. 190-191. Wimawita, a legend of Crater Lake, by M. B. Kerr.

PACIFIC NORTHWEST (June, 1896). Crater Lake, by H. L. Wells.

PACIFIC UNITARIAN (October 1896). A trip to Crater Lake, by E. M. Wilbur.

POPULAR SCIENCE MONTHLY, Vol. 52 (March, 1898), 716. Crater Lake, Oregon

_____ vol. 80 (June, 1912), pp. 531-547. The national parks from the scientific and educational side, by L. F. Schineckebier.

REVIEW OP REVIEWS, vol. 40 (July, 1909), pp. 44-48. The Nation’s playgrounds, by G. O. Smith.

SCIENCE, vol. 7 (Feb. 26, 1886), pp. 179-182. Crater Lake, Oregon, a proposed national reservation, by C. E. Dutton.

_____ n. s., vol. 4 (Sept. 25, 1896), pp. 446-448. Meeting of the Mazamas at Crater Lake, Oregon, by C. H. Merriam.

_____ n. s., vol. 15 (Feb. 7, 1902), pp. 203-211. Wreck of Mount Mazama, Oregon, by J. S. Diller.

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, vol. 75 (Dec. 5, 1896), p. 405. Crater Lake, Oregon, by E. M. Wilbur.

SIERRA CLUB BULLETIN, vol. 8 (January, 1912), pp. 236-239. National parks: Are they worth While? by J. H. McFarland.

SUNSET, vol. 9 (May, 1902), pp. 68-73. Crater Lake by night and day, by C. W. Hodgson.

_____ vol. 13 (May, 1904), pp. 14-25. In the Klamath country, by G. B. Oceltree. vol. 13 (September, 1904), pp. 395-404. The sea of silence, by Joaquin Miller.

_____ vol. 28 (March, 1912), pp. 299-304. Crater Lake, Oregon, in winter, by H. H. Hicks.

TECHNICAL WORLD, vol. 9 (August, 1908), pp. 655-662. In a drowned volcano’s crater, by Rene Bache.

_____ vol. 17 (July, 1912), pp. 627-628. Lowering a boat into Crater Lake.

TRAVELER (November, 1896). The Mazamas at Crater Lake.

WORLD’S WORK, vol. 16 (May, 1908), pp. 10250-10261. Playground on a crater’s edge, by O. Wilson.

_____ vol. 24 (May, 1912), pp. 68-77. Unknown wonders of our national parks.

1 May be purchased by personal application to the office of the supervisor of the park, but that officer can not fill mail orders.