Cruise Report – 07 Attitude Compensation

Cruise Report: R/V Surf Surveyor Cruise S1-00-CL, Mapping the Bathymetry of Crater Lake, Oregon, 2000

 Attitude Compensation


The POS/MV model 320 inertial motion unit (IMU), a full DGPS-aided inertial navigational system, was used as the primary attitude sensor and directly interfaced to the Simrad EM1002 and provided 100-Hz measurements of boat attitude to 0.01°. The POS/MV also provided a vertical reference. The POS/MV was chosen as the primary motion sensor because it has high accuracy specifications, it is insensitive to long-period horizontal accelerations, and it provides an inertial position solution that is reliable through DGPS outages of periods of less than about one or two minutes.


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