Cruise Report – 18 Personnel list

Cruise Report: R/V Surf Surveyor Cruise S1-00-CL, Mapping the Bathymetry of Crater Lake, Oregon, 2000

 Personnel list

James V. Gardner USGS (1)

Larry A. Mayer, UNH (2)

Art Kleiner, C&C (3)

Mark Buktenica, NPS (not pictured)

Scott Girdner, NPS (camera shy)

Peter Dartnell, USGS (4)

Laurent Hellequin, USGS/UNH (5)

David Fitts, C&C (6)

John Petterson, C&C (7)

Drew Prudhomme, C&C (not pictured)

Wes Kitts , C&C (9)

Greg Rochenour, truck driver (10)



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