Thermal – 10 V. Appendices B. Peer Review Report

Report of the Sec. of the Interior under Sec. 7 of Public Law 100-443 on the Presence or Absence of Significant Thermal Features Within Crater Lake National Park, 1992

V. Appendices


B. Peer Review Report

Crater Lake

March 1991

Peer Review of Research Program

and Draft Report on Studies of

Hydrothermal Processes in Crater Lake, Oregon

A Report of Field Studies Conducted in 1989 for the National Park Service


Dr. Charles R. Goldman, Chairman

Dr. David D. Blackwell

Dr. Wilfred A. Elders

Dr. Joris M. Gieskes

Dr. James McClain

Dr. Kenneth H. Nealson

Dr. H. James Simpson


Dr. Jorg Imberger

Dr. Alan D. Jassby