Ultraviolet Radiation – 05 METHODS Site characterization

Ultraviolet Radiation and Bio-optics in Crater Lake, Oregon, 2005



Site characterization

Crater Lake is located in Crater Lake National Park in southwest Oregon, USA, at an elevation (lake surface) of 1883 m. Most of the measurements reported here were made at Station 13 (42.95oN, 122.08oW) near the deepest part of the lake (589 m, Larson et al., 1996a, 594 m, Bacon et al., 2002). Because of the steep caldera walls rising to an average elevation of 2100 m, the lake watershed area projected to a flat horizontal surface is relatively small, only 14.7 km2 or 28% of the 53.2 km2 surface area of the lake (Larson et al., 1996a).

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