Crater Lake National Park Whitehorse Pond Limnological and Vascular Plant Study, 1993



This study was supported by the Crater Lake Natural History Association. Observing and trying to understand the special features of the Whitehorse ponds can be an exciting challenge. The CRNHA helped continue a study begun by Roger Brandt in 1992. His work on many ponds in the Park initiated many park researchers to look into the intricate systems present in these delicate environs.

The authors of this report enjoyed their small part in putting this study together. The principle investigator, John Salinas, would like to thank Bob Truitt for his painstaking work with the phytoplankton and zooplankton. Bob did not have many samples to work with, however he did observe some very interesting trends and has asked for more samples from more ponds at more frequent intervals. The seeds for another very interesting study have been planted. Bob Truitt would like to thank the major investigator, John Salinas, for his interest, financial help, and his patience.

Thanks also to David Hartesveldt who walked the bluff as if he lived there. He inventoried the many plants and suggested that the flora should be more completely studied in the near future. A single day on the bluff in August began a study which should continue through spring, summer, and autumn.

The physical characteristics of the ponds themselves were also very interesting. Furtherin situ measurements along with grab samples would surely clarify some of the trends identified in this study. This study will continue in one of many forms. Hopefully these authors will be involved in these future studies.

Finally, thank you to the CLNHA for their support and encouragement. Also thanks to Cam Jones of the Cooperative Chemical Analytical Laboratory who completed the chemical determinations. Cam has supported many of us with his fine laboratory work. This report would have been years in the writing without this great support.


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