Marooned – 05

Marooned in Crater Lake by Alfred Powers

 He was still postponing his decision when, at the edge of the lake, Mr. and Mrs. Smith took passage in one crowded motor-boat, his uncle and aunt in another, while he selected a rowboat with two cordial strangers, inclined, like himself, to fish for the famous trout of Crater Lake.

He was having some luck with the fish and was by no means ready to go, when his aunt and uncle hailed him from a motor-boat that drew up to take him aboard.

“Are you going with us or the Smiths?” they asked. “We are starting right away and expect to get to Medford tonight. The Smiths won’t be leaving for a couple of hours. We have already told them our plans. They said to be at their car at four o’clock, if you are going with them. If you are not on hand at that time, they will know you have gone with us.”

Jim was reluctant to give up his fishing, and this reluctance prompted his decision.

“I’ll go with the Smiths,” he said. “Take these three fish for your supper at Medford. Good-by. I’ll see you next week in Portland.”

“Good-by,” returned his aunt and uncle. “Be sure to be at the Smiths’ car not later than four o’clock. We won’t see them again.”

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