Features – Desert Cone

Desert Cone – Prominent Geological Features of Crater Lake National Park

#6 on the map – northwest of Crater Lake and west of the North Entrance Road.

Looking south from Mount Bailey to the rim of Crater Lake (background). The wooded hill in the left middle distance is Desert Ridge. To the south rise Desert (right middle) and Red cones (extreme right), two parasitic scoria cones on the flank of Mount Mazama. Almost all the low, wooded country is blanketed with deposits of pumice and scoria flows from Mount Mazama. (Photograph by Victor Duran.) The Geology of Crater Lake National Park, Oregon (1942) by Howell Williams.

This scoria cone is located in the north-central portion of Crater Lake National Park, Oregon.Most of this cone consists of vesicular, red-crusted dark scoria and fine ash. Bombs up to 4 feet in length are not uncommon, and many have the spindle, almond, and spiral shapes typical of lava clots blown out in a viscous condition, the form being modified in flight. Short flows of lava oozed through the scoria near the summit, and probably others account for the spurs on the sides of the cone …. [The Parasitic Scoria Cones of Mount Mazama: Desert Cone, The Geology of Crater Lake National Park, Oregon (1942) by Howell Williams]

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