02 Introduction

Pumice Deposits of the Klamath Indian Reservation, Klamath County, Oregon


During two weeks in October 1950, a field investigation of the pumice deposits of the Klamath Indian Reservation, Klamath County, Oreg., was made by geologists of the Geological Survey. Samples of the various types of pumice in the area were collected and tested in the laboratories of the Geological Survey and the Bureau of Reclamation to determine their physical and chemical properties in order to ascertain their suitability for commercial exploitation. Much of the detailed geology presented in this report has been summarized from published reports by Diller and Patton (190Z), Moore (1937), and Williams (194Z), which contain descriptions of the geology of the area as well as detailed data on the properties of the pumice.

An evaluation of the pertinent geologic and economic factors related to the profitable utilization of the pumice is presented in this report. The evaluation has special reference to the possibilities of commercial exploitation of the pumice for use as (1) lightweight aggregate, (2) pozzuolana, and (3) abrasive material.

Mr. Bitney, Mr. E. J. Diehl, Mr. H. J. Thoreson, and Mr. F. W. Parker of the Bureau of Indian Affairs made valuable suggestions for the investigation of the pumice deposits and were helpful in many ways during the field work.

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