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Pumice Deposits of the Klamath Indian Reservation, Klamath County, Oregon


Estimates of the total volume of pumice on the Klamath Reservation have varied, but they are alike in that they all are given in terms of billions of cubic yards. Probably about 1, 100 square miles of the Reservation are covered with 1/2 to 30 or 40 feet of pumice, and, locally, thicknesses up to 90 feet have been recorded. Assuming that the average thickness of the pumice is only 5 or 6 feet, which is believed to be a reasonable minimum figure, then the minimum total volume of pumice is about 6, 000, 000, 000 cubic yards. Most of this large volume is concentrated in the northwest corner of the Reservation, and for reasons given in a later part of this report much of it is not suitable or accessible for exploitation.

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