11 The best views of the rim

Geological History of Crater Lake

The best views of the rim are obtained from a boat on the lake, which affords an opportunity to examine in detail the position and structure of the cliffs.

Figure 12. Southern rim of Crater Lake from Vidae Cliff to Garfield Peak, showing sheets of lava dipping away from the lake.

They are composed wholly of volcanic conglomerate and streams of lava arranged in layers, as shown in figure 12, that dip into the rim and away from the lake on all sides. Both forms of volcanic material are well exposed on the trail descending the inner slope, and, although most of the cliffs are of lava, many are of conglomerate.

Figure 14. Shore Cliff, east of Eagle Cove. Photograph copyrighted by Kiser Photo Co., Portland, Oregon.

On arriving at the water’s edge the observer is struck with the fact that there is no beach. (See fig. 14.) The steep slopes above the surface of the lake continue beneath its waters to great depths. Here and there upon the shore, where a rill descends from a melting snow bank near the crest, a small delta deposit makes a little shallow, turning the deep-blue water to pale green.

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