06 General Soil Map Units Introduction

Soil Survey of Crater Lake National Park, Oregon 

General Soil Map Units

The general soil map in this publication shows broad areas that have a distinctive pattern of soils, relief, and drainage. Each map unit on the general soil map is a unique natural landscape. Typically, it consists of one or more major soils or miscellaneous areas and some minor soils or miscellaneous areas. It is named for the major soils or miscellaneous areas. The components of one map unit can occur in another but in a different pattern.

The general soil map can be used to compare the suitability of large areas for general land uses. Areas of suitable soils can be identified on the map. Likewise, areas where the soils are not suitable can be identified.

Because of its small scale, the map is not suitable for detailed planning and management. The soils in any one map unit differ from place to place in slope, depth, drainage, and other characteristics that affect management.

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