46 33—Lava flows, 0 to 15 percent slopes

33—Lava flows, 0 to 15 percent slopes

 Map Unit Setting

 General location: Lower slopes of Wizard Island

Major land resource area (MLRA): 3

Elevation: 6,100 to 6,300 feet

Average annual precipitation: 60 to 80 inches

Average annual air temperature: 37 to 43 degrees F

Frost-free period: 0 to 30 days

 Map Unit Composition

 Lava flows: 95 percent

Minor components: 5 percent

 Characteristics of the Lava Flows

 Landform: Lava flow

Geomorphic position: Andesitic basalt and andesite lava flows on Wizard Island

Parent material: Andesitic basalt

 Characteristics of the Minor Components

 Sunnotch soils

Percentage of map unit: 5 percent

Landform: Debris flow

Geomorphic position: Residuum derived from andesitic basalt and andesite on Wizard Island

 Major Features and Properties Affecting Management

 Lava flows

 • Rock fragments

• Lack of soil material

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