15 6. Unionpeak-Castlecrest (mountain hemlock)

6. Unionpeak-Castlecrest (mountain hemlock)

 Percentage of park: 7 percent

Location in park: Along the northern, eastern, and southern flanks of the caldera rim

Drainage class: Somewhat excessively drained

Slope range: 0 to 35 percent

Elevation: 5,000 to 7,000 feet

Average annual precipitation: 50 to 70 inches

Average annual air temperature: 38 to 42 degrees F

Frost-free period: 0 to 50 days

Minor components: 10 percent Sunnotch soils and 5 percent Rock outcrop

Present vegetation: Mountain hemlock and lodgepole pine

 Unionpeak soils

 Depth class: Moderately deep to a duripan

Permeability: Rapid throughout the solum and moderately rapid in the weakly cemented duripan

Position on landscape: Ashflows

Parent material: Pumice, ash, andesite, and dacite

Surface texture: Ashy sandy loam

Subsoil texture: Gravelly ashy loamy sand

 Castlecrest soils

 Depth class: Very deep

Permeability: Rapid

Position on landscape: Mountain flanks and mountainsides

Parent material: Pumice and ash

Surface and subsoil texture: Paragravelly ashy loamy sand

Substratum texture: Ashy coarse sand and ashy sand

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