61 48—Stirfry mucky peat, 0 to 7 percent slopes

48—Stirfry mucky peat, 0 to 7 percent slopes

 Map Unit Setting

 General location: Seeps and stream terraces

Major land resource area (MLRA): 3

Elevation: 5,000 to 6,500 feet

Average annual precipitation: 30 to 60 inches

Average annual air temperature: 38 to 42 degrees F

Frost-free period: 0 to 50 days

 Map Unit Composition

 Stirfry and similar soils: 85 percent

Minor components: 15 percent

 Characteristics of the Stirfry and Similar Soils


 Landform: Drainageway

Geomorphic position: Bogs and seeps in mountain basins and drainageways

Parent material: Mossy organic material over ash and pumice

 Properties and qualities

 Slope: 0 to 7 percent

Percentage of surface covered with stones and boulders: None

Restrictive features: None within a depth of 60 inches

Depth to mineral soil: 40 to 60 inches

Drainage class: Very poorly drained

Permeability: Moderately rapid

Flooding: Not present

Water table: Present (see table 20)

Ponding: Not present

Available water capacity: About 8.5 inches

 Interpretive groups

 Ecological site: Rangeland—(003XY015OR) Meadow Fen 40-60 PZ

 Typical profile

 Oe—0 to 8 inches; mucky peat

Oa1—8 to 18 inches; muck

Oa2—18 to 51 inches; muck

2A—51 to 60 inches; gravelly ashy coarse sand

 Characteristics of the Minor Components

 Anniecreek soils

 Percentage of map unit: 10 percent

Landform: Stream terrace

Geomorphic position: Stream terraces in bottoms of ravines


 Percentage of map unit: 5 percent

Landform: Active flood plain

Geomorphic position: Sand and gravel in drainageways

 Major Soil Features and Properties Affecting Management

 Stirfry soil

 • Wetness

• Organic soil material over mineral soil material

• Frost hazard

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