Botanists – 14

The Botanists at Crater Lake National Park by Elizabeth L. Horn

Kalmiopsis Volume 12, 2005 31


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Lean Years and Re-vitalized Botany: Marion T. Jackson, Adolph Faller


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Jackson from Indiana State University was a seasonal naturalist from 1965-1966. He became intrigued by the vegetation of Wizard Island while conducting boat tours. Brown encouraged Jackson and another seasonal naturalist, Adolph Faller, to study vegetation patterns on the volcanic island in 1966. Jackson returned again in 1969. Jackson and Faller spent their lieu days on the island, taking the morning tour boat to the island and returning on the last trip of the day. They described five different plant communities on the island: cinder slope, crater rim, lower cone, north slope, and lava flow (Jackson and Faller 1973). In addition, Jackson conducted a floristic survey, recording 106 species on the volcanic island, including 33 not previously noted (Jackson 1973). Looking back, Jackson commented on what could be accomplished with little funding or grant support (M. Jackson, pers. comm.).

Pumice slope west of Llao Rock, with Hillman Peak in the background. Foreground vegetation is primarily spreading phlox (Phlox diffusa) and Newberry knotweed (Polygonum newberryi). Photo by E. Horn.

Ponderosa pine forest with understory of snowbush (Ceanothus velutinus) and sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata) found in the southeast and northeast corners of CLNP. Photo by E. Horn.