Botanists – 20

The Botanists at Crater Lake National Park by Elizabeth L. Horn

Kalmiopsis Volume 12, 2005 31


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Current Crater Lake Botanists: Mark Buktenica


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Mark Buktenica, CLNP’s aquatic biologist since 1985, researches moss in Crater Lake. Aquatic moss rings the lake to a depth of about 100 to 450 feet. Earlier evaluations of the extent of the moss and its associated epiphytes and invertebrates indicated the biomass of the moss could dwarf any other biological component in the lake. That would make it a significant player in the lake’s nutrient dynamics (Buktenica 1996). A remote-operated submersible robot will be used during the summer of 2005 to further evaluate the moss beds and their associated aquatic life. (M. Buktenica, pers. comm.).