02 Wednesday, August 7

Diary of Fletcher Linn
Crater Lake Trip, August 1889
Wednesday, Aug. 7

Party composed of Miss Carrie C. Beekman of Jacksonville, Miss. Nina Beekman of Dundee, N. Y., Miss. Anna Breyman of Salem, Or., Prof G. G. Watt, principal of Jacksonville public school, Everett Mingus of Medford, K.K. Kubli and Fletcher Linn of Jacksonville, started on pleasure trip to Crater Lake.

Vehicles were large wagon for provisions, drawn by steady farm horses, and carriage drawn by spirited livery team.


30 loaves bread, 2 sacks flour, 5 pks. Coffee, 1 package tea, 35 lbs. Sugar, 10 lbs. Rice, 70 lbs. Potatoes, 4 cans baking powder, 2 cans syrup, 10 lbs. Salt, 10 lbs. Dried apples, 5 lbs. Dried plums, 3 hams (two ready boiled), 11 lbs, bacon, 1 can lard, 1 fine marble cake, crackers, cookies, two watermelons, box peaches, sack apples, 2 bottles pickles, cheese, 2 bottles mustard, box pepper, 6 lbs. Butter, tartaric acid, lemon, 80 pattie-cake.

Complete cooking out-fit,

ax, hatchet, saw, nails, rope, wire, brace and bits, file, etc., temporary (portable) table, camp-stools, tent and poles, bedding, etc. etc.

Hunting implements:

2 winchester rifles and 161 cartridges, shot gun and 100 shells, target gun with 800 cartridges, revolver with 150 cartridges.


Deck of authors, chess and checkers with board, and deck of cards.

Music instruments.

Cornet, guitar, three harmonicas.

Left Jacksonville at six o’clock A.M. Ate lunch consisting of ham sandwiches and marble cake at eleven o’clock on the bank of Bear creek. Arrived at Johny (sic) Murphy’s place on Emigrant creek six miles above Ashland, or 23 miles from Jacksonville at 4 o’clock P.M., and pitched camp. Had fine supper at six, after which we spent the evening in singing, playing games, etc., while Messrs. Watt and Kubli also interested the crowd in a few gymnastic exercises.

Retired at 9:30.

All were exceedingly jubilant and anticipated a grand trip and jolly time.

Perfect harmony was foreseen, and all members of the party seemed nothing but congenial. Passed through Phoenix, Talent, and Ashland; at Ashland we remained half an hour to view the principal parts of the city, and all the many improvements recently made. The city seemed quite lively and prosperous. The population is about 2000. (So claimed.)

First day’s ride was very pleasant and enjoyable.

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