03 Thursday, August 8

Diary of Fletcher Linn

Crater Lake Trip, August 1889

Thursday, Aug. 8

Arose at 5 o’clock A.M., Had find warm breakfast, and continued our journey at 7:16. After being on road about two hours, Kubli in roaming about, came in contact with a huge fierce badger, which he killed after a desperate (?) struggle. Arrived in Dead Indian at 3:40 and camped at the foot of Dead Indian hill.

        Traveled about 11 miles. Roads were not rough, but all up-hill. Ladies walked 21/2 miles across the summit of the Cascades. Elevation 8000(?)

        Obtained 6 lbs. Butter on the road, and 2 qts. Milk at camp of Inlow’ s.

        Evening spent in playing whist, checkers, and in singing and playing on comet, guitar and harmonicas.

        Retired at 11:30, considerably fatigued.

                Game killed:

        Badger and a quail. Water-ground; ice-cold.

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