08 Tuesday, August 13

Diary of Fletcher Linn
Crater Lake Trip, August 1889
Tuesday, Aug. 13

We arose about six and began to load our wagons and prepare to leave. Had fine breakfast, and were once more moving on our way at 9 o’clock. Passed slowly along the lake shore, and took our last glance at the lake and our camp ground as we withdrew into the woods and wilderness.

Everett and Prof Watt inspired by the grandeur of the lake, wandered too near the water with the provision wagon, and soon found themselves “stuck in the mud”. Soon the wagon was free and all O.K., and they were moving joyfully along again.

The road was very rough, yet much better than some we had previously passed over.

Having been advised to visit Stidhams, about six miles off of the main road, to find good boating and fishing, we directed our course thitherward, and arrived there about three o’clock. Not finding a good camping place there, we turned and went to Pelican Bay on the main road, and about fourteen miles from Lake of the Woods. Had fine boating at Pelican Bay, but caught no fish and killed no game, although did much hunting.

Prof Watt, Carrie, and Miss. Breyman went from the bay into the lake in boat, and Everett, “Cap”, and Nina were boating several times. I did not get to go at any time.

Our camp here was rather dusty and disagreeable, yet had a fine time. Were also favored with plenty of fine water and good horse-feed.

Retired at about eleven, after spending the evening in singing and playing and having a good social time.

Obtained six pounds of fine butter on the road from Stidhams to the bay. [section erased]

Pelican Bay is a very pretty body of water, furnished by large springs at the foothills. It is an arm of Klamath Lake, which is about forty miles long the twelve wide.

The woods surrounding the bay abound in game, and furnish fine timber for lumber. A large logging camp was once located here, and the logs floated to Linkville, about thirty miles from the bay. Forest fires were raging and whole country burned out.

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