11 Friday, August 16

Diary of Fletcher Linn

Crater Lake Trip, August 1889

Friday, Aug. 16

        Everett and I arose and started on a hunt at five. Saw one deer, but did not get a shot at it. Not finding anything to hunt, we fished a while, and Everett caught 24 and I, 6. I killed a fine grouse while returning to camp, and Everett later killed one in camp.

        In the afternoon, Prof Watts and I went to a large spring about two miles from camp to fish, but gathered shells upon the Klamath marsh instead. Found six or eight varieties of fine freshwater shells, and spent an hour or so in an interesting and instructive manner.

        In the evening when we went to tie up our horses for the night as usual, we found that they had started homeward. We searched for them until it was too dark to see plainly, and were compelled to abandon further attempts to find them until morning.

        Though the thoughts that our horses had left us, rather shrouded our camp in gloom, we spent the evening cheerfully and pleasantly, allowing nothing to mar our pleasures.

        Having consulted “Sir Oracle” to ascertain our allotted fate, and finding everything pronounced in our favor, and the “Fates propitious” we retired, greatly eased in mind, cheered in spirit, and thankful indeed to our Protector.

        Pro. Watt made a rash assertion which cost him a dollars worth of pea-nuts for the crowd.

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