12 Saturday, August 17

Diary of Fletcher Linn

Crater Lake Trip, August 1889

Saturday, Aug. 17

        Prof Watt and I arose at five and started in search of the horses. We tracked them along the road towards home, and found them about four miles from camp. Returned to camp as seven, and found rest, all in bed.

        Had breakfast at nine, after which Everett, “Cap”, and I went fishing, and Prof Watt hunting, leaving camp in charge of the ladies. (at their request)

        Prof Watt returned at one, with one grouse. Everett, Kubli, and I returned at about five with 156 fine trout. Everett caught 47, Kubli, 58, and I, 56.

        Had a fine supper with plenty of fish, and spent the evening sociably.

        Ate cookies and cakes and drank lemonade, after which we retired at about eleven.

        Clouded up late in the evening, and threatened to rain, but no rain fell.

        Horses were restless all night.

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