13 Sunday, August 18

Diary of Fletcher Linn

Crater Lake Trip, August 1889

Sunday, Aug. 18

        Everett and I arose at seven to care for the horses. Rest arose at nine, had breakfast at 10:30.

        The prohibitory law was again enforced, but not so stringent as last Sunday, permitting some necessary work to be performed.

        Was rather windy and chilly all day. Smoke entirely disappeared and thus afforded us the pleasure of the surrounding scenery.

        Horses got loose and we had quite a chase before catching them.

        After the mornings work was completed, all congregated and the fifth chapter of Matthew, the fifteenth chapter of John, and the first thirteen verses of the twelfth chapter of Hebrews were read and “Nearer My God to Thee”, “Why Not”, and “Just As I Am” were sung.

        A fine dinner was then prepared the most extensive bill of fare we had yet had. The afternoon and evening were spent in singing and playing and having a good social time, while we all took a good rest preparatory to the renewal of our journey on the morrow.

        Made a find large campfire in evening, around which we enjoyed ourselves immensely. Lemonade and cakes were served, after which we retired at about eleven.

        Cherry Creek is a fine mountain stream, about twelve miles from the Fort Klamath. IT abounds in fine speckled trout, which afford fine fishing.

        Best fishing is about four miles above where the stream is crossed by the main wagon road..

        The mountains along the creek abound in deer and grouse, and furnish fine hunting.

        This is the best camping ground along the road. The creek flows into Klamath Lake. It is very clear and quite cold.

        Prairie along the lower part of the creek furnishes very good grazing for horses.

        Scenery along the creek and surrounding it quite pleasing, but hardly to be pronounced picturesque.

        From Pelican Bay to Cherry Creek is twelve miles.

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