15 Tuesday, August 20

Diary of Fletcher Linn

Crater Lake Trip, August 1889

Tuesday, Aug. 20

        Arose at seven, and continued journey at nine.

        I was suddenly taken sick at breakfast, and felt the effect of it throughout the day.

        We passed along Annie Creek Canyon which affords some of the grandest and most picturesque scenery in Southern Oregon. Along the canyon are many perpendicular cliffs two or three hundred feet in height, which are grand.

        The canyon has been washed out by a comparatively small stream, and in some places reaches the depth of nearly seven hundred feet. The walls of the canyon are composed of an alkaline material principally, and all along the canyon pumice stone is found in great abundance in some places standing upon the inclined walls like pyramids or needles.

        The stream which has washed out this grand canyon issues from the side of a mountain and is supposed to be a subterranean outlet of Crater Lake.

        This was the most interesting day we had yet spent, and prepared us for the grand Crater Lake scenery which we were soon to witness.

        We ate lunch at Bridge Creek, and fed the horses. Proceeded on our way at about two o’clock.

        Met many Indians during the day, returning from huckle berry patch at Whiskey creek seven miles from Crater Lake. Arrived at fine camp 1 1/2 miles from Crater Lake at six o’clock, where we arranged things for a few days stay.

        After supper Carrie was suddenly taken sick with a severe nervous chill, and was quite ill during the evening. However we spent the evening quite pleasantly in singing and otherwise having a good social time.

        Being considerably exhausted from our day’s ride we retired earlier than usual, –intending to visit the lake on the morrow.

        We passed quite a party from Phoenix camped 2 ‘/2 miles below the lake, and another party from Grants Pass 2 miles below lake. Later found party from Talent at lake.

        At Annie Creek canyon played the comet, and listened with intense interest to the sound echoing and reverberating between the precipitous walls.

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