17 Thursday, August 22

Diary of Fletcher Linn

Crater Lake Trip, August 1889

Thursday, Aug. 22

        Arose at 4:30, had an early breakfast, and all went to the lake,–the ladies riding in the light wagon, with Everett driving the team. Rest walked.

        Reached the lake just after sun-rise, but the view of the lake was greatly obstructed by the smoke. However the scene was grand. “Cap.” And I went down to the water, to see if the trail was in proper condition for the ladies to undertake the descent, and found it safe, yet venturesome. We returned and met rest of party “half way”, and assisted the ladies the rest of the way.

        Soon after we reached the lake shore, 1600 feet below the point from which we gazed in wonder, we were joined by the party from Talent. After remaining at the water’s edge for about two hours, and carving our names and initials in all the most conspicuous places, we commenced the ascent of the precipitous wall, and reached the summit 1 l/2 hours later.

        Carrie, weakened by her previous sickness, found the climb exceedingly wearisome, and although threatened twice with nervous chills, held up bravely. She enjoyed the descent to the water’s edge immensely.

        After returning to camp and having a good hot supper, we talked over our day’s adventure and retired to rest, –grateful indeed to our Protector for thus having so safely lead us in perilous adventure.

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