18 Friday, August 23

Diary of Fletcher Linn

Crater Lake Trip, August 1889

Friday, Aug. 23

        Arose late, and found it cloudy, with heavy mist falling and smoke almost disappeared. After breakfast all but Carrie and Nina went to huckle-berry patch about half a mile from camp, and gathered about six gallons of fine berries.

        As the smoke had cleared away all but Carrie and I went to the lake at various times during the day, and had a grand view of the lake. Various other parties visited the lake during the day. Everett and “Cap” took a hunt, but killed nothing. Carrie deemed it policy for her to take a good rest all day, preparatory to the renewal of our journey on the morrow, so remained in the tent all day.

        After spending the evening pleasantly in playing singing and having a good social time, we retired about ten o’clock.

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