20 Sunday, August 25

Diary of Fletcher Linn

Crater Lake Trip, August 1889

Sunday, Aug. 25

        Party from Jacksonville passed us at about six o’clock. We arose about an hour later, and after having breakfast, all went to the falls to spend the day.

        Had a fine time at the falls, and highly appreciated the grand scenery.

        The falls are formed by a small stream known as Mill Creek, falling over a precipice 196 feet high. They are very pretty, though quite small, and form an object of interest and attraction to sightseekers.

        Rogue river rapids, formed by the river rushing madly down a steep incline between lofty banks and over huge boulders, is equally as grand and picturesque.

        After a stay at the falls we returned to camp, where we built two fine camp-fires and after supper spent the evening in our usual social manner. The 5th, 12th, 13′, 14t and 15th chapters of Romans, and 3rd chapter of II Peter, and the 1 Oh, 11 , and 12thverses of the 3rd chapter of I Peter were read during the evening.

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