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Diary of Fletcher Linn
Crater Lake Trip, August 1889

[Notes put into the diary on available pages seemingly at the end of the trip.]


“Friendship which flows from the heart cannot be frozen by adversity, as the water which flows from the spring does not congeal in winter” Anna Breyman Aug. 29, 1889


“Have some berries, George”?


Geo _Watt


May this pleasure be again.

Everett Mingus Aug. 29, 1889.


May we all meet again and enjoy happiness equal to that enjoyed in our past trip. Kap K.K.


The pleasures of our “Crater Lake trip” will never be effaced from memory.


“A snail drew a sail”.


“My trip to Crater Lake will always be remembered as among the pleasantest and most enjoyable times spent in Oregon.

Nina Beekman

Dundee, N. Y.

“No more” “Ate all”


(Carrie and Nina both do.)



Lick says t tell Carrie t keep in mind that this account was written by a school boy 52 years ago.

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