Surveys – 05 Crater Lake Surface Finds

Crater Lake surface finds:

The very scant artifact record of Indian use of the Park region has been found within the area along the rim between Lightning Spring and Discovery Point east to Garfield Peak and in Munsen Valley south to Godfrey Glen, with one exception. Ten chipped stone artifacts have been found since 1931. Four were found along the rim from Discovery Point to Garfield Peak, one on Mt. Scott near the Lookout, two at Park Headquarters, and three in Godfrey Glen. The specimens are described below in their Crater Iake National Park (CLNP) accession number sequence; they are stored at Park Headquarters (Fig 1).

CLNP #852 Found on Garfield Peak trail by Leland Powell near the last switchback under surface overburden, July, 19321 Size, 37 x 18 mm.; tip and one barb missing; obsidian; pressure flaking; straight sides, basal notching, pointed base; made on a triangular, straight-based blank, no further modification of the base than that done by the basal notching..

CLNP #853 Found on first turn off highway south of rim village area under 2 feet of earth, September 15, 1931.. Size, 44 x 20 mm..; tang and one barb missing; obsidian; pressure flaking; one side slightly concave other side slightly convex.

CLNP #854 Found in Godfrey Glen by C. T.. Henry.. Size,. 65 X 15 mm.; obsidian; shaped by percussion flaking and indifferent pressure retouch; crudely made; convex sides, constricting stem. to a straight base; notch on one edge due to clumsy workmanship.

CLNP #855 Found in Godfrey Glen by C. L. Henry.. Size, 28 x 11 mm.; obsidian; shaped by percussion flaking with indifferent pressure retouch; convex sides, constricted waist; expanded straight base; crudely made.

CLNP # 8546 Found in Godfrey Glen by C. T. Henry. Size, 36 x 7 mm; obsidian; shaped by percussion flaking- with transverse to oblique pressure retouch which produced a few ribbon spalls; convex sides, single shallow shoulder, convex base.

CLNP #857 Found by C. T. Henry two-thirds of the way up Garfield Peak trail. Size, 37 x 26 mm; obsidian; basal (?) fragment; oblique ribbon spall flaking.. Possible base of a large,, single-shouldered- blade.