23 Site Details and Materials

Cultural Landscape Recommendations: Park Headquarters at Munson Valley, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon


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Planting “island” between the Messhall and Warehouse

1. Site furnishings (light fixtures, garbage cans, bike racks, signs and interpretive displays) should be visually compatible with the identified elements of the rustic style including scale, texture, and the general site character of Munson Valley. Furnishings should meet all applicable codes and regulations. Complementary design rather than replication is the preferred treatment for rehabilitation and/or replacement of site features.

2. Signs

a. An overall sign for the site plan should he developed based on a hierarchy of style and type of information required. The plan should be consistent with the park-wide plan and should address the possibility of reestablishing Rustic style signs at the administrative complex.

Extant boulders once used as a traffic control device for the old entrance to the plaza

3. Stone Features

a. The condition of remnant stone features should be assessed in collaboration with the regional historical architect and historical landscape architect to determine an appropriate strategy for stabilization and maintenance, including cleaning and clearing of vegetation to enhance visibility as noted under the maintenance and management recommendations.

4. Lady-of-the-Woods

a. Maintain adequate trail access to the sculpture.

b. Replacement of the Mission 66 routed sign with a rustic wood sign should be considered.

c. Routine cleaning of the sculpture should be included within the cyclic maintenance preservation program.