06 Response to Natural Features

Cultural Landscape Recommendations: Park Headquarters at Munson Valley, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon


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The natural landform and physiographic features of Munson Valley had a strong influence on the spatial organization and development of the Park Headquarters site. Most of the glaciated valley displays hummocky moraines intermixed with pumice, with the proportion of pumice gradually diminishing in the upper part of the valley. Linear sloped terraces of the valley provided natural siting opportunities for structures and roads and required only minimal grading. A steep north-south valley wall creates a west boundary for the site. Munson Creek, a spring-fed tributary of Annie Creek traverses and dissects the valley site into three distinct areas or subdistricts, physically stepping down in elevation from north to south. The Munson drainage is part of the Klamath Basin, an area south of the caldera and east of the Cascade Divide (Munson Ridge).

View of Munson Valley from Garfield Peak looking southwest. Munson Point is located in the background right center.