10 Cluster Arrangement and Structures

Cultural Landscape Recommendations: Park Headquarters at Munson Valley, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon


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NPS Government Camp, 1939

The structural complexes of government camp – administrative, residential, and utility (maintenance) areas – included 36 structures sited in a generally crescent shaped arrangement within Munson Valley. Overall, structures were oriented on a north-south axis, however, east-west orientation of the Administration Building, messhall and warehouse formed distinct building clusters. In the center of the site, the Ranger Dormitory and Administration Building faced the elliptical plaza, creating a sense of enclosure and defining the public spaces of the site. West and south of the plaza several utility buildings were sited at the edge of a paved maintenance work area. On the south end of the site the Sleepy Hollow cabins were aligned on various axes and grouped at the base of the slope.

With the exception of the Sleepy Hollow cabins redevelopment and expansion of the maintenance area, structural clusters remain basically the same. The oil and gas house was removed and replaced by a large covered maintenance building on the east side of the maintenance yard in 1955. The concessioner service and comfort stations once located south of Munson road to the Rim were moved to the north side of the road in 1958.

Sleepy Hollow cabins, c.1930 (cabins removed in 1989).

Munson Valley Historic District, listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1988, extends south from the Superintendent’s residence (which was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1987) and ends at the maintenance area warehouse. Structures contributing to the rustic theme of the district, totaling 18, were built between 1926 and 1949, and include the Naturalist’s Residence, the middle cluster of residential cabins, the lower cabins, the Administration Building, Ranger Dormitory, Transformer Building, Comfort Station, Mess Hall, Warehouse, and Machine Shop. The Oil and Gas House was removed in 1990.


Park Headquarters, 1941-1990