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Cultural Landscape Recommendations: Park Headquarters at Munson Valley, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon


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NPS Government Camp, 1939

The circulation system at Munson Valley has remained relatively unchanged since the design development of Government Camp began in the 1930’s. Primary vehicular access to Park Headquarters is from Munson road between Highway 62 and Rim Village. Secondary roads run north-south connecting housing areas to the administrative core. Located at the center of the district is a circular drive and plaza serving the Administration Building and Ranger Dormitory (the Visitor Center or Steel Building). Leading northwest from the central plaza, a winding one lane road, known as Sleepy Hollow road, rises approximately 160 feet to its terminus at the Superintendent’s residence. Along this road, limited access is provided to other employee residences sited along this road. The spur road access to these residences is known as Stone Houses Road. A second road runs southwest from the plaza, crossing Munson Creek, and widens to a large work area which serves as the maintenance yard. The road narrows beyond the maintenance group and intersects with a secondary site entrance and the Sleepy Hollow area. Pedestrian trails cross Munson Creek, leading north from the Ranger Dormitory to the employee residences, and to the Lady of the Woods. Access to Castle Creek Trail is located southeast across the road at the main site entrance. A bridle trail to Rim Village starts at Sleepy Hollow and runs close to the Superintendent’s residence before switching back along Munson Ridge and north to the Rim.

Sleepy Hollow and maintenance area intersection Munson Road intersection at center back.

Trail to the middle group of residences and stone bridge crossing Munson Creek west of the Ranger Dormitory.

Park Headquarters, 1941-1990


Access road north to the Superintendent’s residence

Access road south to the Naturalist’s residence