18 Recommendations

Cultural Landscape Recommendations: Park Headquarters at Munson Valley, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon


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Entrance view of the administrative plaza from Munson Road

Recommendations for the historic landscape at Park Headquarters at Munson Valley are based on an analysis and evaluation of significant historic landscape features and components identified in this report. The purpose of the recommendations is to provide an appropriate framework and programmatic basis for preservation, maintenance and interpretation of the historic site. The historic site as defined in this study includes employee residential areas, the administration buildings and maintenance areas.

The recommendations serve as guidelines and address issues surrounding stabilization and preservation of significant historic resources, removal of non-historic components that compromise the historic scene, and enhancement or reestablishment of historic features as part of a design program for the site as a whole. The six program areas are:

Maintenance and Management Concepts
Buildings and Structures
Site Details and Materials
Special Site Areas

View south of the Plaza from the Administration Building towards Munson Road