04 Purpose of the Report

The Rustic Landscape of Rim Village, 1927-1941



Purpose of the Report

Beginning in the 1970s, the NPS undertook a series of public meetings, technical studies, and planning efforts directed toward development of a comprehensive management plan for the redevelopment of Rim Village. Following several years of debate over the future of Rim Village and Crater Lake Lodge, the Mazama Campground/Rim Village Corridor Development Concept Plan/Amendment to the General Management Plan was completed in 1988. Key concepts of that document include the removal of several existing structures, the rehabilitation of the Crater Lake Lodge, the construction of a new year-round lodge and interpretive center, the creation of new circulation systems (including the removal of all vehicular traffic from the rim), the relocation of existing utilities to reduce the impacts of Rim Village on the lake environment, and a general restoration of the 1930s “character” of the site.

Restoration, where possible, of the pedestrian-oriented ambiance of the historic landscape must be predicated on a knowledge of the original plan and detailed information about important patterns and features that have survived from the significant period of development. With that data in hand, appropriate recommendations and decisions can be made as to what features should be stabilized, preserved, or reestablished, and how new site elements can be successfully integrated within the context of the historic design.

The primary purpose of the historic landscape study is to investigate the historic record for Rim Village and to identify and evaluate significant landscape components. Based on that evaluation, a series of recommendations have been developed to provide a design vocabulary for new design work at the Rim. The identification of significant historic landscape qualities and resources does not preclude new development at the site, but should serve as a material palette, providing an envelope of appropriate forms and compatible style for the landscape of Rim Village.

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