14 Circulation – Parking

The Rustic Landscape of Rim Village, 1927-1941





Cafeteria Plaza Parking In 1929, the area in front of the cafeteria was graded and a gravel surface laid for automobile parking. The surfaced area measured 200 by 400 feet. In 1931, the parking area was oiled and spaces were marked with paint, providing two double rows of parking (for 96 cars) in the middle of the plaza and additional spaces along the south edge of the lot (51 cars). Plans were made in 1938 for construction of a traffic island to better define and soften the parking area, but it was never developed.
Rim Village Road Parking Parking along the rim was added in conjunction with the construction of the Rim Village Road in 1928. An 18-foot wide parking lane was designed on both the north and south sides of the road providing parking for 240 cars on each side, or 480 cars altogether.
Lodge Parking Limited parking was available on the south side of the lodge in 1929, when the loop road was completed as part of the Rim Village Road development. There were spaces for approximately 15 cars, all of which were used by lodge guests. In 1931, plans were made to expand parking at the lodge by constructing another lot south of the loop. The landscape division took exception to the parking lot being sited directly in front of the lodge, and suggested a change in location. Their recommendations were ignored and in 1935 grading was done to construct the new parking area. Originally designed as a double-loaded lot for 100 cars, the parking lot ended up half the size, and provided space for 44 cars. As late as the 1950s, plans called for the expansion of this lot.

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