Resources 1984 – E. Summary of Park Trail System 1. On the Rim

Historic Resource Study, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, 1984

IX. Trails and Campgrounds of Crater Lake National Park


E. Summary of Park Trail System

   1. On the Rim

a) Watchman Trail: the trail to the summit followed for a short distance the trace of the earlier road around the rim. Started on north side from parking area by road. Climb of .8 of a mile to The Watchman fire lookout on the summit.

b) Devils Backbone: .1 of a mile up to the knife-like edge of the dike.

c) Llao Rock: could be climbed on its north grassy slopes.

d) Cleetwood Cove Trail: 1.1-mile switchback trail to the boat landing on lake shore. Good trail. Point of departure for launch trips around the lake.

e) Mount Scott: broad foot trail to Mount Scott fire lookout, 2-1/2 miles. Trail led from junction of Cloudcap spur to summit.

View along crest of Cascades from Mount Jefferson and Three Sisters to Shasta. Great view of lake setting from highest point in park.

f) Crater Peak: attained by motorway used for fire protection that could be followed on foot for three miles.

g) Castle Crest Wildflower Gardens: loop trail, three-eighths of a mile long, led from parking space through forest, swampy area, meadows, and grassy slopes.

h) Canyon Rim Loop Trail: self-guiding nature trail along Munson Creek Canyon.

i) Hillman Peak Trail: 8,156 feet of easy climb.

j) Sun Notch: one-quarter of a mile above loop in road on south side of crater. From the notch one could climb along the edge of the rim to summit of Dutton Ridge.


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