Resources 1984 – B. Entrance Road and Bridges 12. New Bridges Needed

Historic Resource Study, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, 1984

VIII. Roads of Crater Lake National Park


B. Entrance Road and Bridges

   12. New Bridges Needed

In 1936 a new rustic-style bridge was completed over Munson Creek near the ranger dormitory, replacing one that had been used for many years. In 1940 the Annie Creek bridge was found to be badly decayed, and immediate repair was recommended. Late in the fall of 1940 a king post truss was erected on the center span, which carried the structure through the winter of 1940-41. In the spring of 1941, however, the bridge was condemned, and funds were allotted for temporary repairs in September, including the placement of concrete footings. Maximum use of only 1-1/2 years was anticipated. [50]

Also in 1940 immediate repairs were recommended for the Goodbye Creek bridge to carry it through the winter of 1940-41, but in late 1941 it too was condemned for vehicular use and all trucks and buses were detoured around the bridge on the old road. Funds were allotted in the fall of 1941 for construction of a temporary detour bridge about 200 feet upstream from the old one. This was a three-span, standard-frame structure, 69 feet long Douglas fir was used for the decking. Clearing and grading for the bridge approaches were kept to a minimum, anticipating only two to three years’ use. [51] In 1945 construction of a detour road around Annie Spring became necessary due to the unsafe condition of the old log bridge spanning the creek, which had to be rehabilitated. The logs used for the walls and barriers along the approach to the detour were procured from the old Goodbye Bridge. [52] In 1946 plans for replacing the Goodbye Creek bridge had been completed, and work on the Annie Creek bridge plans was underway. [53] The old Goodbye Creek bridge was replaced finally in 1956 and the old Annie Creek bridge was replaced about the same time.

Other early bridges within Crater Lake National Park included:

1. Bridge at Pole Bridge Creek on the Fort Klamath Road; timber, one span, 16 x 14 feet, built by War Department in 1914.

2. Bridge on White Horse Creek, Medford Road; timber, three span, 40 x 14 feet, built by War Department in 1916.

3. Bridge on Little White-Horse, Medford Road; timber, two spans, 30 x 14 feet, built by War Department in 1915.

4. Bridge on Wheeler Creek, Pinnacles Road; timber, two spans, each 15 feet, 30 x 14 feet, built by War Department in 1913.

5. Bridge at head of Wheeler Creek, Rim Road; timber, one span, 15 x 14 feet, constructed by War Department in 1914.

6. Bridge on Rim Road; timber, three 15-foot spans, 45 x 14 feet, built by War Department in 1913. [54]

7. Bridges (two) over Cavern Creek in Lost Creek District. Old log bridges collapsed under snow load; new ones built in 1941. [55]


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