Resources 1984 – I. Building Inventory of 1929

Historic Resource Study, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, 1984

X. Construction of Government Buildings and Landscaping in Crater Lake National Park


I. Building Inventory of 1929

An inventory of park structures in 1929 lists,

at park headquarters,

one old log cabin used as administration building
one combination bunkhouse and mess hall
three employee cabins
one warehouse
one barn
one comfort station
one electric light plant

at the lake rim,

one Community House
four comfort stations
one combination shower/laundry room
one light plant
three water reservoir tanks

at the lake shore,

one comfort station
two boat landings

at Annie Spring,

one superintendent’s residence
one checking station
one ranger cabin
one bunkhouse and mess hall
two warehouses
several latrines

at the west, south, and east entrances,

one log ranger cabin

at Devils Backbone, Wineglass, and Lost Creek

three combination mess hall and bunkhouses [28]

According to a picture in a park scrapbook, a checking station was built at Annie Spring in this year for seasonal occupancy. It was a one-story, one-room rustic log and frame building, razed in 1953. This may be the log ranger station supposedly finished in the fall of 1928.


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