Resources 1984 – N. Emergency Conservation Work Camps 1. Camp No. 1

Historic Resource Study, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, 1984

X. Construction of Government Buildings and Landscaping in Crater Lake National Park


N. Emergency Conservation Work Camps

   1. Camp No. 1

On June 12, 1933, an advance group of Emergency Conservation Work (ECW) personnel arrived in the park and were housed at a temporary location in the plaza at Government Camp. Officers were quartered in the Ranger Dormitory. The workers were later moved to the opposite side of the road where they were housed in tents and erected frame buildings for use as a mess hall, toilet, showers, and cold storage. Among other work they accomplished was construction of three log snowshoe cabins. These were part of a program for outpost ranger cabins started with ECW crews during their first enrollment period. Five such cabins (National Creek, Maklak, Red Blanket, Bear Creek, and Snowshoe), each equipped with small cookstoves and with beds, were originally scheduled to be placed in various outpost sections of the park to help in administration during the hunting season and to be used as housing during winter patrols. Also built was a sturdy frame horse barn on the same site as the old horse corral in the rear and to the south of the utility group.


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