04 Historic Resources – Bibliography

Historic Resources at Crater Lake National Park



Contemporary Documents

Gilbert, Cathy. “Tools of the Trade: Methodologies in Landscape Preservation,” The George Wright Forum 8:2 (1991), pp. 2-12.

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Mark, Stephen R. Historic American Buildings Survey documentation for Munson Valley’s Designed Landscape (HABS No. OR-144), History Files, Crater Lake National Park.

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McClelland, Linda Flint. Presenting Nature: The Historic Landscape Design of the National Park Service, 1916 to 1942. Washington, D.C.: USDI-NPS, Interagency Resources Division, 1993.

Historic Documents

Good, Albert H. Park and Recreation Structures. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1938. Three volumes.

USDI, NPS. Monthly and biannual narrative reports by Francis G. Lange, 1934-40. Record Group 79, Region IV, Resident Landscape Architect’s Reports to the Chief Architect, Box 2, National Archives, San Bruno, California.

USDI, NPS. Rim Village drawings and narratives in master plans for Crater Lake National Park for 1931, 1933, 1935, 1936, and 1939/40, Museum Collection, Crater Lake National Park.

USDI, NPS. “Record of Improvements,” compiled by Ernest P. Leavitt, Superintendent, May 1, 1945, File 600, Crater Lake, Museum Collection, Crater Lake National Park. Interviews Emmett U. Blanchfield, recorded interview by Stephen R. Mark, Historian, NPS, March 7, 1995.

Francis G. Lange, recorded interview by John Morrison, Historian, NPS, August 8, 1987, and Stephen R. Mark, September 12-14, 1988.

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