Munson Valley

Munson Valley Historic Structures

The Munson Valley Historic District, listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1988, extends south from the Superintendent’s residence (which was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1987) and ends at the maintenance area warehouse. Structures contributing to the rustic theme of the district, totaling 18.

ranger dormitory

Ranger dormitory (Steel Visitor Center), 1981. Photo by David Arbogast, NPS, DSC.

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Administration Building

Completed in 1935 and used as administrative headquarters for Crater Lake National Park.


Ranger Dormitory

Completed in 1934, used as a dormitory for naturalists and later renamed the Steel Center and used as an interpretive facility and book store.


Naturalist’s Residence

Completed in 1932-1933 and used by naturalists as a year-around residence.


Superintendent’s Residence

Completed in 1932-33 and used by the park Superintendent.


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Machine Shop


Mess Hall and Bunkhouse


Sign Shop


Transformer Shop

Employees Stone House


Garage and Wood Shed