32 Segment 7-E (Sun Notch to Park Headquarters)

History of Rim Drive, Crater Lake National Park


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Postwar Changes


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Segment 7-E (Sun Notch to Park Headquarters)

Aside from one road realignment near the intersection where Rim Drive terminated at Park Headquarters, virtually all of the postwar changes in this road segment took place in the vicinity of Vidae Falls. Development of the Mazama Campground as a major Mission 66 project turned the attention of park officials away from overnight facilities below Vidae Falls, though grading for a picnic area took place in 1958 where the campground road built in concert with segment 7-E met the old Rim Road. Lack of adequate cross drainage for the loop road at this picnic area eventually led to rehabilitation of the site in 2001, a project that included placement of a vault toilet and new tables. At that point the trailhead for the route to Crater Peak also became part of the picnic area, largely because parking for hikers had previously been situated on a blind curve near Tututni Pass.


Rim Drive

Looking north near the start of the Watchman Trail on the West Rim Drive.