Watchman – 23 Analysis And Evaluation – Small Scale Features

National Park Service Cultural Landscapes Inventory: The Watchman, Crater Lake National Park, 2001

Analysis And Evaluation


Small Scale Features

Small-scale features were incorporated within the Watchman cultural landscape along Watchman Trail and at its summit, on the east side of Watchman Observation Station. Contributing small-scale features within the Historic District include rock steps and associated cheek walls as well as rock guard walls associated with the parapet used for interpretive purposes. Contributing small-scale features located on Watchman Trail, currently outside the Historic District, include dry laid retaining walls and stone slab benches. These small-scale features were conceived, designed, and constructed during the period of significance and remain in good condition in present day. Together, they reinforce the Naturalistic landscape architectural style of the trail and observation station.

Rock steps and cheek walls: Contributing

Rock parapet at Watchman Observation Station: Contributing

Dry-laid rock retaining walls along Watchman Trail: Contributing

Stone slab bench on Watchman Trail: Contributing

Contemporary photograph showing dry-laid retaining wall along Watchman Trail. This is a typical example of wall found along the trail (CCSO 2001).


Contemporary photograph showing rock steps and cheek walls. This is located near Watchman Observation Station (CCSO 2001).


Contemporay photograph showing stone slab bench beneath Whitebark pines. This was placed during the historic period (CCSO 2001).


Contemporary photograph showing stone parapet located adjacent to Watchman Observation Station. Note interpretive signs (CCSO 2001).


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