Watchman – 02 – Analysis And Evaluation – Summary

National Park Service Cultural Landscapes Inventory: The Watchman, Crater Lake National Park, 2001

 Analysis And Evaluation



Watchman Observation Station and Watchman Trail were evaluated as one cultural landscape, the Watchman cultural landscape. Watchman Observation Station is located within the current boundaries of the Historic District, while Watchman Trail is partially inside and outside of the Historic District. As a result of this evaluation, Watchman Observation Station and Watchman Trail were found to retain the following landscape characteristics and features that contribute to their historic integrity as one cultural landscape. These landscape characteristics are Natural Systems and Features, Circulation, Small Scale Features, Buildings and Structures, Spatial Organization, and Views and Vistas. These landscape characteristics and associated features still remain in the present day as designed by the General Development Plan and built during the period of significance from 1916-1933.


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