Watchman – 32 Adjacent Lands Information

National Park Service Cultural Landscapes Inventory: The Watchman, Crater Lake National Park, 2001

 Adjacent Lands Information

Do Adjacent Lands Contribute? Yes

Adjacent Lands Description: The observation station, as envisioned by Crater Lake planners in the 1920s, was to serve as a fire lookout and interpretive site. As a fire lookout, Watchman Observation Station was part of a network of fire lookouts located inside Crater Lake’s boundaries and outside—on U.S. Forest Service lands. The network “provided almost one hundred percent visibility of the forests in the Crater Lake region” (Greene 1984). During the period of significance, the prompt detection of forest fires was essential to the protection of Crater Lake. As a result, rangers stationed at the fire lookouts kept in close contact by short wave radio and telephone.


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