Naturalists – Rod Cranson, 1967 – 1982

Dr. Rod Cranson

Rod served on the Crater Lake interpretive staff for 7 summer seasons – 1967 & 68 and 1978 – 1982. During the last three years Dr Charlie Bacon, a USGS volcanologist, also worked in the park during the summer. He completely re-mapped and re-interpreted the geology from Howel Williams’ 1940 interpretation. Part of my Cranson’s time was spent with Bacon to learn what he was doing to share with the rest of the interpretive staff. Except for the first year, Cranson was the only park staff with a background in geology.

During those last years he was also working on a thesis project at Michigan State University that involved the nature and origin of the numerous cinder cones in the park. This material later became a book ”

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